Sustainable modular
sports flooring ensuring cleaner oceans

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Our modular sport flooring tiles not only deliver superior durability and health benefits but also create a cleaner environment by removing plastic waste from our oceans.
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Choose our product to elevate your space while positively impacting the planet.

Joining forces for a sustainable future

OceanGrip has introduced the world's first modular sports flooring tile crafted entirely from 100% ocean-bound plastic for our latest innovation. Plastic waste frequently accumulates in coastal communities lacking the infrastructure for effective management. We are dedicated to transforming this waste into something entirely new.
In collaboration with our partners, we empower coastal collector communities, transforming discarded materials into valuable assets. Our mission is to revolutionize global recycling systems, fostering sustainable, inclusive, and circular economies through ethical recycling practices and environmental education.
Together, we aspire to craft a world where plastic waste finds new purpose, and our oceans flourish once more

Several steps must be taken to obtain the raw material used to make OceanGrip® tiles

We kickstart our journey by partnering with local fishermen and waste pickers,
working together to recover valuable plastics.
Collected plastic is sorted, pressed into bales, shredded into flakes, and extruded to pellets, for future injection.
At OceanGrip, we're not just about recycling; we're pioneers of innovation. Our dedicated team conducts comprehensive testing and engages in plastic re-engineering.
Finally, this recycled plastic finds its way into the OceanGrip product range, where quality and sustainability meet.
Empowering Change
1% of our sales contribute to The Circular Roadshow, an Asia-wide non-profit dedicated to extending recycling education to rural areas affected by ocean plastic.

Our sustainable modular sports flooring

01 Health

Effectively reduces strain on muscle joints by 40%, absorbs impacts effectively, and minimizes the risk of burns from falls.

02 Technology

Boasts superior grip and traction, a revolutionary locking system, has exceptional cost/performance ratio, and is designed for long-lasting use.

03 Environment

Contribute to a cleaner ecosystem with our environmentally-conscious solution crafted from upcycled ocean-bound plastic
  • Made from 100% ocean-bound plastic by #tide ocean material
  • Quick Set-Up. 1000m², 4 people, 4 hours
  • 10 years warranty
  • Sustainable & Re-usable
  • No tools or taping needed
  • Simple “click in, click out” system.
OceanGrip® standard Pantone colors
  • More colors available on request
  • Make a difference with modular sports flooring

    If you build a court covering 550m², you will contribute to reducing our environmental impact. The construction of this court will result in saving a staggering 1,000,000 bottle caps that would have otherwise polluted our precious oceans.
    matterhorn and 1,000,000 bottle caps comparison
    0 m
    height above sea level
    of the Matterhorn
    0 caps
    needed for a court
    of 550m²
    Your decision to build a court not only provides a space for recreational activities but also becomes a powerful statement of environmental consciousness. Together, we can make a difference and inspire others to follow suit, creating a brighter and cleaner future for future generations.

    Education - Commitment
    - Mobility

    Ocean Material® presents the Circular Roadshow. The aim is to educate and sensitize the new generation to stop plastic pollution in the oceans through recycling.
    educate build
    We are pleased to bring the Circular Roadshow to Thailand in collaboration with NexxtGrip Thailand and partners.
    In collaboration with other social media influencers, we work to strengthen recycling infrastructure and equip people with the knowledge and resources they need to become responsible consumers.
    Find out more   the circular roadshow bus
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    We are looking for distributors and resellers.
    OceanGrip and partners are aligned with 6 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.
    1 No Poverty Decent Work and Economic Growth Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
    Responsible Consumption and Production Climate Action Life Below Water
    We tackle plastic pollution to protect marine life, combat poverty by creating jobs, and actively fight climate change.

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